Parent Testimonials

It's easy for a soccer coach, club, or program to hype themselves up with promises on a website. Here are some comments from parents of some of our current and former players.

We have had an awesome experience with FTFA. Not only did we get excellent coaching and training, we truly felt a part of a club. I know Michaelangelo loved your quiz challenges and the info sheets you would hand out after training. We are truly going to miss being a part of FTFA. Thanks for all your time and effort with the boys. The results are proven. - Mike & Lori Pandolfo

 As a parent, I have enjoyed watching my son develop his soccer skills as well as his love and knowledge of the game. First Touch Futbol Academy has been a wonderful and extremely positive soccer training experience for him. I admire Coach Geller's emphasis on learning the game, the right way, and not just going for the quick, easy win. My son has grown to respect the game and displays integrity on and off the field. Thanks to First Touch. - Johnny Martinez & Diane Lachtrupp

We are very impressed with the different techniques and strategies that Coach Geller uses to teach the children new skills. Each training session is different from the previous one and Coach incorporates unique activities (e.g. Frisbee!) to teach the kids skills that improve their soccer game without the kids necessarily being explicitly aware that they are developing a soccer-related skill - they are just having fun! Coach clearly takes an interest in the kids on and off the field. He pays attention to, and notices, nuances among the kids and their unique personalities to help each child become a better player. Coach's passion for the sport is contagious. Not only does he incite a love for soccer on the field, but he also keeps the children and their families aware of opportunities off the field to experience more soccer (whether it be through reminders of games that the kids can watch, amazing shots seen on YouTube, articles about soccer, etc.). Our son started FTFA just about a year ago as a 7-year old. He has shown significant development as a soccer player in this past year in terms of his skill, his technique, his understanding of the game, and what it means to be a part of a team. We are looking forward to the years ahead with Coach Geller and FTFA! - Denise Evert and Tim Nicholson 

We have 3 boys who have participated on Coach Geller's teams since the inception of First Touch Futbol Academy. Coach Geller is unique in that he combines his expert knowledge and organizational skills with a true passion for the game to create a great experience for his players. When you watch training, Coach Geller always has a well prepared practice plan that develops his players technical skills, while keeping each individual player challenged and motivated. His strong training sessions result in well-organized and highly skilled teams where the kids enjoy success in games and tournaments. Ultimately for our boys, FTFA has been a wonderful environment striking the balance between the competitive club we seek and a fun, camaraderie filled team atmosphere. - Don and Stacie Farr

We have been amazed at how much command Coach Geller has on the boys. He is able to captivate them and keep them focused on learning soccer. His dedication is evident in his communication with parents and kids. He knows how to make the boys feel vested and incentivizied without pushing so hard that they feel uneasy pressure. There is healthy competition that makes the boys feel like winners, whether they win or not. We feel fortunate to have found Coach Geller and the First Touch Futbol Academy. - Beth and Todd Zick

First Touch Futbol has been an excellent program for our son Max. Max came from rec soccer and was looking for a coach who could help him with his ball skills and understanding of the game. Coach Geller and Coach Keith have provided just that. At every practice Max has learned a new skill to use on the ball or in a game. They always emphasize the team as a unit that plays together, works together and wins together. We could not be happier with Coach Geller and Coach Keith's tremendous commitment to their players and to the First Touch program." - Jim and Rebecca Sewell 

"Our 10 year-old son played on U9, U10, and U11 teams for Coach Geller. His skills improved dramatically and he has a tremendous amount of respect for his coach. Coach Geller heavily emphasizes the fundamentals with the belief that this approach will pay off as the kids get older. His passion for the game as well as his desire to develop the skills of younger players is evident. We would highly recommend him as a coach for any child who is looking to become a better soccer player." - Sean and Katherine Pendergrass

"Coach Geller has a great way to teaching young players the techniques and skills in a way that is fun and has great results.  The ’99 Estudiantes team that he has worked with for the past 4 years has achieved great success playing against older, more experienced players. The compliments from opposing team coaches, players, and parents are always very complimentary. He not only coaches them but also teaches them about the game, its history, keeps them current with international players and provides interesting futbol facts and information on a regular basis." - Tom and Leona Beck

"Our son Aidan improved tremendously this year under Coach Geller. He made major strides understanding positioning and how the game of soccer should be played. He worked hard, and Coach Geller always acknowledged his efforts in a positive and ecouraging way. We are looking forward to another great year with Coach Geller." - Phil and Joyce Rice

"Coach Geller is as passionate about coaching youth soccer as his is about the sport itself, and a real soccer enthusiast he surely is! Having had the benefit of watching his coaching from up close as an Assistant Coach on the Estudiantes '99 team, I can only say that I am really impressed with his approach and expertise. He is very competitive, but in a positive way that encourages and inspires young players. As a result, the boys loved to work hard for him individually, realizing with joy that soccer is extra fun when played well as a team. The outcome of Coach Geller's special emphasis on team skills and soccer tactics even at this young age were on impressive display as the Estudiantes '99 team proved itself capable of dominating older and physically stronger teams. Our eleven year-old son improved immensely under Coach Geller and has very high respect for him. When our home team - Hamburger SV, Germany - did poorly last season (even after acquiring Ruud Van Nistelrooy) our son suggested that Hamburg should hire Jeff Geller as their coach to get back on top of the game." - Joerg Bibow

"Our son began playing for Coach Geller two years ago after playing for an out-of-state travel team. We were impressed with the way Coach assessed Ryan's skills and immediately provided feedback to help him improve as both an individual and team player. Geller strongly believes in teaching the fundamentals that will be the basis a child needs to be a successful soccer player. The coaching techniques speak for themselves when you see the team in action. The Estudiantes '99 team has a consistent winning record against older teams not only in the Saratoga area, but in tournament play within New York State. If you are a serious soccer player looking to improve your skills, enjoy team camaraderie and learn more about the game itself, Coach Geller would be the coach we would recommend. - Roger and Trish Stites