Player Testimonials

Below is some feedback from players past and present.  Take a look at what they have to say about the coaching they received as a player under First Touch Futbol Academy staff.

Adam Zick - Soccer is awesome! It's really fun because I got to know some new friends and learn how to communicate as a team. We have a great coach because he's funny, serious, and helpful all at the same time.

Tommy Pendergrass - I've played for Coach Geller for 3 years and he made me a better player because he let me know when I was making mistakes & how to correct them.  He also complimented me when I played well.  I think Coach Geller is a wonderful coach! 

Aidan Rice - Coach taught me to work with my teammates to score goals, how to pass and use the whole field. We worked hard in practice, but also had fun. He rewarded us when we tried hard and learned new tricks and skills. The most fun part of the season for me was the Burnt Hills Tournament. I would definitely recommend Coach Geller to my friends because he's my favorite coach. We learned so much, and had lots of fun.

Christopher Klimek - I had a great time playing for Coach Geller last year.  He taught me some great soccer moves and that it's more important to pass the ball to other players on my team instead of just scoring.  I got so much better this year with Coach.  I would tell all my soccer friends to come play for Coach Geller - he is a lot of fun.

Jesse Godine - A young footballer should join the FTFA because the coaches teach in a way that will help a player develop better and reassure a fantastic playing future.

Jake Milstein - Coach Geller doesn't give up on any player. He tries to help every individual player. He always speaks the truth and knows the right moves for the right times. Coach Geller has a great coaching technique.

Menard Bibow - I started playing soccer at age 9 and I hardly knew anything about the game. Now I'm one of the best players on the team. Coach Geller helped me improve a lot.

Ryan Stites - I have played for Coach Geller for two years. He has taught me to be a better, stronger player. He tells me when I make mistakes and how to correct them and always tells me when I do a good job. Coach helped me learn the game and become a better team player. It has been great to have him as a coach.

Patrick Meany (Played at SUNY Cortland) - The training I received with Coach Geller was very professional. The coaching was top class and really improved my game. Coach Geller required hard work and a standard of excellence which was second to none in the Capital Region. Every second of every practice was competitive because the bar was set so high. I think the most important part of the coaching and training was that a mutual respect was formed between the coaches and players. The coaches exhibited their knowledge of the game in practice, while pushing us to our limit and not accepting failure which was exactly what the team needed to succeed. A young player should join the FTFA because the coaching is perfect to develop into a good player. The coaches stress hard work while having fun at the same time. They will know your limits and push you as far as your willing to go to become the best player you can be.

Adam Costello (Played at Colgate University) - The training I received from Coach Geller was top notch. Coach Geller is one most knowledgeable coaches I have ever had and a testament to his abilities is the number of players he has coached who have gone on to play at the collegiate level. The training I received forced me to improve as a player. My technical and tactical abilities improved ten fold under the guidance of Coach Geller. I began playing faster and making better decisions which is essential for becoming a good player. Instilling an understanding of the game and building a solid technical foundation at a young age is extremely important and that is exactly what you will get if you join the FTFA.

Jake Ostrov (Played at Manhattan College) - The training I received under Coach Geller helped me greatly at the collegiate level. My technical skills were a huge asset at the next level and I was able to read and see the game better. My ability to transition and adjust to the professional atmosphere of college practices is greatly attributed to the excellent training sessions I participated in during my time with these coaches. Joining the FTFA gives a player the opportunity to train with top notch coaches and develop a solid foundation of soccer knowledge that can be built upon for the rest of their soccer career.  Coach Geller has developed and coached many players who have gone on to play collegiately at all levels, a testament to his coaching abilities and soccer knowledge.

Warren Gross (Played at Penn State and with US Youth National Teams) - Coach Geller always stressed technique first. To be able to play the game of soccer, you need to be able to control the ball, to have a great touch. Even though I am a goalkeeper, Coach Geller consistently stressed I needed great foot skills to take my game to the next level..