Why First Touch?

Why is our organization called the FIRST TOUCH FUTBOL ACADEMY?


The most important thing to have as a soccer player is an excellent FIRST TOUCH. Without a great FIRST TOUCH you're going to have difficulty being a successful soccer player. Without a great FIRST TOUCH, you will most likely lose possession of the ball when it is played to you. If you lose possession of the ball, that means that you are unable to pass, dribble, or shoot the ball. If you are unable to pass, dribble or shoot the ball because you consistently lose the ball when it is played to you, you are not a very worthy teammate on the field.


FUTBOL is the Spanish word for soccer. We love the Spanish style of play; the mentality to possess with a purpose and wait for the right time to go forward, the small combination play, the stringing together of numerous passes at a time, receive-find-receive-find-receive-find. World Cup 2010 winner's, Spain, play one of the most beautiful brands of soccer in the world. We try to emulate this style.


Many teams/clubs toss around the word "Academy" in their name. A true ACADEMY is one where soccer players live, go to school, and play soccer...full time. While we don't house soccer players full time, we do train in an ACADEMY format. Rather than selecting teams after tryouts and forcing players to stick with those teams, we allow player movement throughout the season. We train in large groups with all the players getting the same level of instruction. During the indoor season, players move regularly between teams based on performance at training and in games. Players essentially get an 8-month tryout until official teams have to be selected for the Spring Season.