Why Join the First Touch Futbol Academy?

Why Join the First Touch Futbol Academy?

Ease of Scheduling!

  • The First Touch Futbol Academy understands that you have many other activities and events to plan around your child's soccer team. After team selections are made, we will provide you with a calendar with all scheduled training and game days for your respective soccer team FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON.

Knowledgeable Club Director and Staff!

  • 10+ years of coaching experience and 20+ years of playing experience.

  • FTFA staff have coached players from U6 up to the college ranks.
  • FTFA staff have coached players that have gone on to play in local Capital District Travel and Premier Soccer Clubs as well as local High School Varsity teams. Players on these teams have achieved many accolades such as Capital District Olympic Development Program (ODP), Eastern New York ODP, Region 1 ODP, United States Youth National Teams, Super Y League National Teams, HS League All-Stars, Section 2 All-Stars, High School All-State, High School All Regional, and High School All-American.
  • FTFA staff have coached teams that have won leagues and tournaments on local, state, regional, and national levels.
  • FTFA staff have the ability to demonstrate all of the techniques they teach their youth players.
  • FTFA staff have the ability to break down all of the techniques they teach their youth players so all players may experience success.
  • FTFA staff have a great understanding of what techniques should be taught at each age level.

Get the Edge!

  • U6-U12 are the formative years in a soccer players development.Don't get left behind! Most clubs place their top coaches at the older age groups where there is an expectation to win on the field. With the level of instruction your child will receive from the First Touch Futbol Academy staff from U6-U12, your child will have a soccer foundation second to none in the Capital District.

Be a Part of the Family!

  • In addition to the soccer aspect of the teams, the First Touch Futbol Academy strives to create friendships that extend past the playing field. With club outings like team dinners, bowling, snow tubing, and other outdoor excursions, your child will be a part of something greater than the soccer team itself.

Instill a Love For the Game!

  • The First Touch Futbol Academy staff will try and instill a love for the game of soccer with "Player of the Week" handouts, soccer homework, soccer prizes and trivia during the season as well as frequent updates on the big soccer games on TV.

We're Soccer People!

  • The First Touch Futbol Academy Staff are soccer people. We eat, drink, breathe, and live soccer. We watch it on TV. We read about it on the web, in newspapers and in magazines. We attend games whenever the chance arises. The FTFA staff are always trying to improve themselves as coaches by attending soccer coaching clinics, licensing courses and collaborating with other professional coaches in the soccer circle. Our only goal is to provide a soccer environment that will be informative, yet demanding, but most importantly, FUN! We want to see successful, creative youth soccer players.

The Player is the Priority!

  • This is a politics free organization. The FTFA staff do not have children in the club, are not in it for the money, and all decisions are made by qualified individuals. A soccer club, run by soccer people, with the soccer player being the #1 priority.