FTFA Soccer Zoo

FTFA Soccer Zoo

First Touch Futbol Academy Soccer Zoo

Flamingo - Player rolls the ball up the inside of their leg with their opposite foot and holds it there, standing on one leg. Much like a flamingo.

Bull - Player rolls the ball back and forth with the sole of their foot. Heel to toe. Toe to heel. Much like a bull would do before charging a matador.

Elephant - Player rolls the ball back, lifts it off the ground with the foot, and cradles it there in the air. Much like an elephant picking up a ball.

Penguin - Player plays ball back and forth using the inside of their feet. Much like a waddling penguin.

Dizzy Penguin - Same as above, but now player is slowly turning in a circle.

Gorilla - Player has one foot on the ground, and one foot on the ball. The player jumps slightly switching the roles of each foot. Much like an angry .

Dizzy Gorilla - Same as above, but now player is slowly turning in a circle.

Tortoise - Same as Gorilla, but now players are moving backwards.

Hedgehog - Player rolls the ball with the inside and sole of the foot. Much like SOnic the Hedgehod when he would curl up in a ball and go fast.

Turtle - Player uses sole of foot to make a 180 degree turn.

Seal - Player picks the ball up and heads it.

Kangaroo - Player squeezes the ball with the insides of the heels. Player jumps around keeping the ball between their heels. Much like a hoppingroo.

Frog - Player stops the ball, and using a two-footed hop, hops to another players ball.

Snail - Player walks slowly with the ball, touching it on every step. Slow like a snail.

Snake - Player dribbles the ball frequently changing directions. Slithering in different directions like a snake.

Roadrunner - Player runs with the ball to a directed location. Fast like a roadrunner.

Hen - Player quickly sits on the ball and gets back up. Like a hen on an egg.